How to Curve Needles

IMG_1579 needles.jpg

Curved needles work very well when sewing a coptic stitch. It allows the stitching to be tight. The curve allows you to "hook" around as you are sewing. You can also make your own curved needles out of straight ones. 

I like to use darning needles in size 1 to make my curved needles. They have a slightly larger eye than most purchased curved needles which allows me to use thicker threads when sewing. Thicker threads work with thicker papers and give a more pronounced stitch.


How to Curve Straight Needles

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To make your own curved needles, you just need a candle, and two needle nose pliers. 

IMG_1588 needles.jpg

Holding the needle with pliers on both ends, bend it ever so slightly as the needle starts to heat up. It only takes a few seconds.

IMG_1593 needles.jpg

An angle that is slightly larger than 90 degrees works well. Remember that the needle will be hot, so place it on a heat-resistant surface to cool down once you've bent it to the angle you'd like.

IMG_1594 needles.jpg

The needle will have soot on it so remember to clean it off with soap and water before using it to sew your nice clean pages.

Try it out and let us know how it went over in The Community.