The challenge of a monthly artists' book started in January of 2017. Hundreds of artists' books have been made and shared via the bookbinding community on Instagram. Join us in the fun of creating with book art!

Rules of Play:

1- Repost the monthly theme photo on your Instagram account at the beginning of the month to let us know you are joining in. 

2- Make an awesome artists' book using the theme as your guide.

3- Share your process along the way throughout the month if possible and join in our conversations about the books in the forums.

4- Take great photos of your finished book and post it with the tag #areyoubookenough AND the tag for that month’s theme.

5- Pick out your favorite 9 from the finished books for the month and make a grid of them on your Instagram to share with the community. Make sure to use the hashtag #areyoubookenough in the caption.


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monthly themes for 2019

JANUARY PET STORE #areyoubookenough_petstore
FEBRUARY FAMILY #areyoubookenough_family
MARCH FLIGHT #areyoubookenough_flight
APRIL MEMORY #areyoubookenough_memory
MAY ALPHABET #areyoubookenough_alphabet
JUNE SHADOWS #areyoubookenough_shadows
JULY MEASURE #areyoubookenough_measure
AUGUST INTO THE WOODS #areyoubookenough_intothewoods
SEPTEMBER TICKET #areyoubookenough_ticket
OCTOBER CLOSED #areyoubookenough_closed
NOVEMBER GATHER #areyoubookenough_gather
DECEMBER WARMTH #areyoubookenough_warmth

monthly themes for 2018

January                  Darkness

February                TINY

March                     Mapped

April                        POem

May                          Secret

June                         Boxed In

July                          Treasure

August                     listen

SEPTEMBER               PAIR

OCTOBER                  FOUND


DECEMBER                TOUCH